Why Teenage Alcohol Abuse Is So Common

Many teenagers not only try cigarettes and drugs but most of them also abuse alcohol or in some point of time experience significant cravings for alcohol. Substance abuse such as alcohol abuse is considered one of the major problems parents are facing when it comes to their teenage children. It has been a fact that teens abuse alcohol more than any other substance. The use of the illegal drug marijuana has also been a major problem parents and society as well are facing.

Why teenage alcohol abuse is common? Teenage alcohol abuse is common since teenagers are susceptible or exposed to this activity through their friends or certain affiliations. The fun they feel when consuming alcoholic beverages gives them a different feeling of enjoyment which they cannot experience when in their homes or when they are with their family. Drinking sessions with friends allow teenagers to voice out their feelings without being reprimanded or being scolded, giving them a feeling of being wanted by their friends who are mostly experiencing the same situation. Those with family problems such as broken family, parents without jobs and cannot sent their children to school, parents who have violated the law can find it easier to divulge in drinking sprees which they consider as one way of diverting themselves from their troubled parents. Teenagers who have low self-esteem as well as emotional or mental health problems such as depression have high chances of being alcoholics.

Why teenage alcohol abuse is common? Teenage alcohol abuse can lead to other problems such as poor performance in school which eventually lead to dropping out of school, problems and even confrontations at home, losing of responsible friends as well as lasting legal problems. Legal problems are usually an offshoot of the damages you create since too much alcohol in your body gives you the tendency to get into violent actions or fights, accidents such as car crashes and may lead to drowning when swimming while drunk. These violations and unnecessary actions of teens are common since large amounts of alcohol in our body also results in poor decisions and poor mobility.

Why teenage alcohol abuse is common? Signs of teenagers who are experiencing alcohol abuse are those with red eyes, those with regular health problems and those who get really tired. These teenage alcoholics really find it hard to go to school and a drop in their grades are really very evident. Skipping classes and an entire day of not attending school are also common practices of alcoholic teenagers. They also hang out with some new friends who have the same problems and who are not anymore interested in going to school.

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