What Is an Intervention?

An intervention is an orchestrated attempt by family and friends to get a family member, friend, or loved one to seek help for an addiction or other similar problems. When one has tried everything possible to inspire or convince their loved one that they need help, but they will not admit into a program, an addiction intervention program is a successful tool in helping you help your loved one escape from the grips of denial, rationalization and projection.

By approaching them from a place of love and compassion, with help facilitated by a addiction interventionist, you will be helping them understand the problem that they have and that a treatment program is needed. Using a professional interventionist will not only ensure that you have taken the appropriate approach, but will also give you peace of mind knowing that you have expressed your love and concern in a professional, impacting, and very effective manner.

An intervention program can help your loved one escape the grips of denial, rationalization and projection
An intervention program can help your loved one escape the grips of denial, rationalization and projection

Addiction intervention process

An intervention is a very strategic process that must be facilitated and properly executed by a addiction intervention specialist to ensure desired results. In order to effectively perform a substance intervention, an intervention team will be established and then thoroughly prepared with the information required for attaining success. All parties involved will understand the purpose, process and techniques of the intervention.

There is no guarantee that the intervention process will cause the individual to accept treatment. However, using a professional interventionist will ensure that process is explained properly, approached effciently and executed strategically. When performing the intervention properly, chances will drastically increase that the individual will immediately commit to going to a treatment center. If they do not immediately go into treatment your interventionist will work with you and the family until they enter a program, the family is released from being in the direct path of the disease and how to stop the enabling process bringing the bottom up to them.

  • Every intervention is a success — whether it be a success for the family or the addicted individual.

The intervention process has four phases:

  1. Assessement
  2. Group Preparation
  3. Intervention
  4. Post-Intervention

Assessment phase

  • Awareness of the availability for treatment
  • Discussing methods of treatment needed
  • Pre-meeting arrangement and expectations
  • Establishing the date and time of the intervention
  • Gathering information about the addicted individual
  • Establishing the best approach for the individual
  • Developing a powerful and productive intervention team
  • Understanding the risks involved

Group preparation phase

  • Development of self-pledge (boundaries and consequences)
  • Discussing risks and objections
  • Preparation of environment in which the intervention will be held
  • Educating the team about addiction
  • Understanding the effects of substanceism
  • Understanding the intervention process
  • Understanding intervention techniques
  • Roles that will be played by each team member
  • Evaluation of three part letters
  • All questions will be thoroughly answered

Intervention phase

  • Approaching them with love and compassion
  • Reading personal letters
  • Overcoming objections
  • Sharing detailed examples of erratic/bizarre behavior
  • Offering treatment to them

Post-intervention phase

  • Transportation of your loved one to a treatment facility
  • Follow-up with family members
  • Developing an after-care plan for family
  • Debriefing of the intervention process
  • Questions and concerns thoroughly discussed

Any two interventions are never the same, however, the processes show great similarities. Every intervention is successful for the addicted individual, the family and/or friends.

When the family has made their final attempt towards getting their loved one and themselves help from the disease of addiction, the healing process begins. Family counseling, Al-Anon meetings, and a briefing of the emotional process of the intervention will be discussed and what actions the team needs to do in order to heal the emotional, spiritual, mental and financial damage that has transpired over the course of their loved ones usage.

Models of intervening

There are a couple types of proven addiction intervention models used to help with your loved one who is in denial of their addiction. Beginning with the first phone call, each individual is carefully assessed through a series of questions. Your intervention specialist will then design a custom intervention that best fits for helping your loved one.

Invitational intervention or systemic intervention

An Invitational Intervention or Systemic Intervention is the best model to use when your loved one realizes that they have a problem, but they have become stagnant with their attempt to get help regarding their addiction. They will be expressing that they need help and they understand that they have a problem, but they are not taking the next step. Every other attempt has been made to get them to actually go into treatment. An invitational intervention works well with single adults, for friends who have already established themselves into isolation. Also, family healing is a target and recommended throughout this model, which is discussed and developed by the interventionist.

Surprise intervention or Johnson model intervention

When leverage and direct consequences are readily available, a “surprise intervention” or the Johnson Model would be appropriate. This model works best with adolescents, college students, young adults living at home and spouses. If your loved one continues to live their lifestyle with addiction and denies any help, it is time for the family to set their boundaries and self pledge in order to free themselves from the tight hold the addiction has on them. The addict is no longer enabled by others to continue his/her abuse with their substance such that it effects the family member and those closest to them. Also, family healing is a target and recommended throughout this model, which is discussed and developed by the interventionist.

  • Evely Ibarra

    Hola, nada en la vida sería más maravilloso que pudiesen ayudar a mi hermano, el es adicto al alcohol, toma desde los 12 años y ya tiene 46, ha estafo en anexos y no le han ayudado, ha sido suspendido del trabajo muchas veces, tiene 3 hijos y el mayor se droga y no ha podido hacer nada co su vida…el mediano toma y vive co. El…ahora haces esas cosas juntos….me da mucha tristeza ver como ha sido su vida y le pido adiós le de una oportunidad más, mi padres se están consumiendo por su causa….los pone mal verle y saber que no hace nada por dejar esa adicción…el no acepta que tiene un problema…..no acepta que el alcohol le ha traído todas las desgracias que ha vivido. Mi hermano lo amo y lo extraño…ya que ahora es alguien completamente extraño a lo que conocía. Dios quiera y tenga suerte, sería tremendo poder darle una oportunidad…con la ayuda de Dios todo se puede. Muchas gracias y gracias por convertir corazones y dar esperanza de vida. Dios con uds.

    Atte. Evely Ibarra

  • Annette Abreu

    Hello, my name is Annette and I am writing in concern with my baby brother Anthony, he has revealed to one of my sisters that he is abusing cocaine and to me he has confessed using heroin. He is 26 years old and has his whole life ahead of him and we all fear for him due to the fact that he has lost 2 really good jobs in the course of less than 5 months due to his addiction, he has alienated himself from the family and at times speaks very ignorantly of leaving and not speaking to any of us again, he speaks obscenely to all of us and has even gotten physical with some of us in the past, we have reached out because we now fear for his life, he has threatened to kill himself and we fear he will hurt himself under the influence of the drugs, we would absolutely feel in debt with the shows producers if we could have you guys step in and help us with our brother, our economical statuses do not allow us to help him, we live in Puerto Rico but he moved to New Jersey to get his life together and it has just gotten worse, so we desperately ask for your help, we want our sweet little Anthony back, please help us!!

    • ashleezandueta


      Subject: Re: New comment posted on Intervention

  • Annette Abreu

    Hello, my name is Annette and I am writing in concern with my baby brother Anthony, he has revealed to one of my sisters that he is abusing cocaine and to me he has confessed using heroin. He is 26 years old and has his whole life ahead of him and we all fear for him due to the fact that he has lost 2 really good jobs in the course of less than 5 months due to his addiction, he has alienated himself from the family and at times speaks very ignorantly of leaving and not speaking to any of us again, he speaks obscenely to all of us and has even gotten physical with some of us in the past, we have reached out because we now fear for his life, he has threatened to kill himself and we fear he will hurt himself under the influence of the drugs, we would absolutely feel in debt with the shows producers if we could have you guys step in and help us with our brother, our economical statuses do not allow us to help him, we live in Puerto Rico but he moved to New Jersey to get his life together and it has just gotten worse, so we desperately ask for your help, we want our sweet little Anthony back, please help us!!

  • mary

    Hi. My name is Melinda and we seriously need an intervention for my 52 yr old brother. He is a last stage alcoholic and I need help. He has been living off of my 75 yr old mothr and myself for about 10 yrs in and out of jail. I have four little girls. He drinks multiple bottles of listerine and vodka daily. He will steal lie or cheat to get it. He has robbed us numerous times and without us is homeless. He was a master electrician at one time and has not hi ing but the clothes I on his back. He has had us evicted more than four times and mo one can help us get him help. He is mean and evil when he gets messed up on the listerine and has absolutely nothing left. Please help us. I dont km ow what else to do. My youngest daughter is special meeds and my mother who also lives with us has Alzheimer’s disease. I can m o longer deal with his addiction and my mother can not deal with it either. Please help us. We need an intervention that will work because he is slowly killing himself and we are sitting here watxhit him do it. Please help . Us.

  • Ruby

    Hi there I have a daughter that is on heroin she only 20 yrs old and is really in bad shape she has almost died on us we had to rush her to the hospital that was the most scariest day of my life. She is the youngest of 4 of my children, at this point we don’t know what to do, she has been done a detox and went to program and lasted almost 90 days, she was so happy the whole family was there for her, but she relapsed. She is doing so bad that we don’t know what to do anymore it’s breaking the family apart we all love her so much and want her to get help she is willing to but we don’t have the money to put her in a program that would be a long term and that would help her, she is a beautiful person and is willing to help anyone, outside the drug we just want help for my daughter before something happens to her. I don’t want to have to bury my daughter she’s suppose to bury me. She has a whole life ahead of her, she has a niece and a nephew that love her but she’s never around to able to enjoy them, she loves them very much. So we desperately ask for your help in getting my little baby girl back, Please help us. Thank You.

  • Love Jess

    My name is Jessica. I am writing in concern for my children’s father. I grew up with him in high school and never knew who he really was until we decided to get together. We have battled his addiction off and on for four years. When I found out he was abusing pills I never knew how really bad it was till about three times we tried to admit him in to rehab. Now we have been split up for almost three years and found out he was doing heroin and meth. He has disappeared for about a year before and is in and out of the kids life. Every time he decides to come back around he is always trying to say he is better but everyone knows he is not. He will fight with me and his family about how he is sober then find out he is not. I do not know what to do anymore. Our son is always wondering were he is and why he came for a day or so and disappears for awhile. I have battled with him with his addiction and now battled with our kids for him. I will never tell the kids why he is the way he is I always tell them he is working out of town or he is sick and does not feel good. I am so tired of my kids hurting not understanding and I will never tell them no matter how much they think it is my fault, they are way to young. I have no idea what to do anymore. When he comes back around he fights with me how he should take the kids or they should stay the night. Then he will ask them if they want to stay the night and of course they want to go because they miss him and he will make it seem like its my fault in front of the kids why they can not stay with him, then I have to deal with it when me and the kids go home. Sometimes I wish he would just stay out of the lkids life so he will stop hurting them but I know the need there dad. There dad can be a really good person he has just decided to go down the wrong path please help us!

  • Tequila Coleman

    how do i get the intervention team to intervene with my step father?

  • Chelsie D

    My name is Chelsie. I have recently broken up with my boyfriend because of his addiction. He is a very respected man. His name is Jon; he is a paramedic, EMT and CPR teacher. We live in South Dakota; on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. I am writing because he is an amazing man who has made great progress for his people. His addiction is keeping him from continuing on a positive path for him and his people. He is addicted to injecting pain pills. He has lied to me ever since we met, I have seen the scars and marks but he continued to lie. He has gone far enough to use other parts than just his arms. He needs this, his family needs this and so does his tribe. He is a very respected man and he has a lot to offer to the world. Way to intelligent to throw it all away. He helps people for a living and has seen some awful situations in his life; PTSD is a huge factor in his addiction. I’ve tried to help and his father won’t mention it to him because he doesn’t want to “rock the boat” (his words not mine). We need help up here. Email: cdeckard11@gmail.com.

  • Cheri

    I guess this website is only for teaching and not to give help. I’ve lived with my husband for almost 30 years and he’s been an alcoholic every one of those years but he’s always been a great provider…but now due to a medical injury I became a paraplegic and he has lost his job and refuses to find another job. He drinks from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed as well as other substance abuse.
    I need help. My daughter just graduated from college and believe it or not, is a substance abuse counselor. But she can’t get involved in our case…she can’t counsel her family. She has tried though, we have both talked till we are blue in the face. I am unable to leave and leave him on his own. Because he will not work we are sinking financially and he won’t talk or help me. He walks away when I try to talk to him about it. Because we don’t have the money anymore I am lacking in medical equipment I need. I can not get the rehab I desperately need. If we had the income I could possibly be getting rehab that I need and could possibly be walking today. I also have major dental problems that needs attention but we don’t have the money.
    I need help!!! He has a heart of gold and I know he loves me but something has to change. I cant see myself living like this for the rest of my life. It’s gotta change!

  • Gene Himelswtein

    I was directed here from a prevention tv program. Every-time I see such a program it brings me to tears reflecting on my own experience. I see the one addicted, the pain they and the ones affected by it all. I watch in hopes he/she is moved enough to get help and again watch in hopes the outcome is good. The ones in that persons life can either enable them to continue or find help to stop it. If it keeps going it can continue until tragedy. Im posting this to give praise and approval for interventions that can change lives and as hard as the process is the alternatives can be awful. I was a lucky one, I performed my own intervention. I studied the process that the drugs I used effected my body and mind. I found that the high I was getting was the effect of my heart expanding and my brain losing oxygen, I finally found out after many times that the withdrawal was worth ending the cycle and that not even the slightest return to the drug was worth repeating the whole thing again and again. I have been free from crack for over 4 years now and know the tiniest sample of the drug can return me to ruin. Any one who recovers as I have can know the blessing and freedom from addiction and recovery often means the desire to help others. I urge anyone who is addicted to find the relief I have found, any one around you who is addicted often can not do it alone as I have, We need to sponsor these programs and help each other with additions. The longer we wait, the longer the cycle continues until disaster.

    • Dottie

      TY Gene. I have 3 to deal with. Programs are so costly for one person, let alone three. I am going to have them do the research like you did and maybe this will get them to snap back to reality!

    • Christina

      Gene, I praise you on your 4 years of being sober! Every day is a battle and you are winning!

  • Norma Bratton

    I am desperate needing help with my brother he is going to kill himself or be killed.he has been struggling with drugs since he was 16 an now he is 28 and has lost everything important to him including his children to cps. He is someone called a Polly substance abuser. I have watch him get so bad all I do is cry at night wondering when I will get that call that he is dead. If anyone can help me with getting him into treatment I’m having problems getting it paid for. My email is kimberlyrandle36@yahoo

  • Sheri Brookshier Jenney

    Hi, Im wondering if this show is still helping, My daughter Tiffani is a intravenous drug user, and has been drugging for 6 yrs, she is now gone to the lowest of lows, she stole 7000 $ from her boyfriends mom, after she spend her 69,000 she got from a accident settlement, she has NOTHING to show for this money because it was spent on drugs, Our family is just at our wits end, I cry every night in, strain on my marriage is extreme, she is now homeless and staying in her car, she could come here but then she knows no drugs, so of course she chooses the car, I have a baddddddddddddddddddddddddd, feeling Im going to lose her if she doesn’t get help, of course I cant afford to put her omewhere that can really help, she wont go to meetings, I NEED HELP PLEASE,, my family is hurting, and aging us,, Thank you so much.

  • Dan Evertts

    My son Brandon is an addict he has tried and abused many drugs. Brandon is 19 his drug now is heroin. Brandon has been to detox 3 times and rehab once. Both rehab and Brandon failed, the Rehab was not staffed or really prepared to treat addicts when he went there. Brandon has been arrested and his drug use is killing his mother and I ! We wait for the day we recieve the call come id the body. Brandon has been and I hope he can again be the most loving caring son anyone could have I beg you for help

  • Lisa

    Hi my name is Lisa and im writing cause I have big concerns about my sister Melanie!! She is a heroin Addict and just recently lost her sons father due to a car accident!! I don’t by any menas want to loose my sister nor have her son loose his mom!! He has already lost a parent and does not need to go threw loosing another!! Can u help me!!

  • Denise

    Is there a number to call or how do you get a hold of someone for help

    • Tammy Ray

      Hi Denise, were u ever able to speak to someone after u sent ur mesaage? jst wondering how this works?

  • cassidee

    I have a 16 yr old sister who has done some drugs and alcohol and she has been tearing our family apart my mom is currently sick with cancer and I wish my sister would get help so my mom can breathe and relax so she can get better today she told me I’m not her sister and won’t be it just kills me that she’s like this I wish she’d change and get help so she could become a better person because I’m tired and families tired she doesn’t care about anything she does and leaves as she pleases I hope she gets help because me and my family need it i know my mom needs it to get better to

  • Joann R. Stephens

    I need advise. I just reunited with a childhood friend to find out she has been addicted to crystal for over 20 years and has been she has Pulminary heart disease and had about 6 months to live. Her boyfriend of 19 years is also addicted. She had lost both her sister and her mother to this drug and now she’s about to meet the same fate. She wants to live, she’s wants to get clean, but is it too late? She could maybe prolong her life but she’d have to get clean first to take the medication. She probably would not get on a doner list because she caused it by doing drugs. My question to everyone is, “if she had been told she’s going to die either way, should she get sober? ” What can I do to help her. I want her to leave this earth with a clean mind and spirit. It’s so tragic. Please pray for her salvation. Any advise out there?

  • Noell Walt

    Hi my name is Alyson and I’m really concerned about my 23 year old brother and 53year old father. My brother had been addicted to cocaine for 6 years now and my father has been and is addicted to basically every drug for 20 + years. My brother had a 6 year old son and a child on the way. I don’t want to lose either of them.

  • Breanna Odom

    Hi. I am writing because I have an 18 year old brother who will be 19 in July who is on meth. Our whole family (the ones that know) are concerned and are so worried about him. He doesn’t talk to any of us. He is staying with some girl he barely even knows and no one ever sees him. None of us can help him by ourselves right now. I am so scared my brother is going to mess his life up. He has a 14 month old nephew (my son) who used to laugh and just love him , but he never sees him anymore. None of us do. Everyone has tried everything and we just can’t help him. I can’t help but get to tears when I think about this because I love my brother so much and I want him to be safe and live a good life. He got his GED then his welding certificate from college. He never got a job once he got out of college. He has been bumming off everyone and now he will not even ask any of us for money. And I think its because he doesn’t want us too see how bad he is. We want to stop this before its too late Please help…. God Bless

  • Billie

    My name is Billie I am so worried about my family. I feel like it has fallen apart. My oldest brother who is 35 is having problems with addiction. He has 3 beautiful kids and a wonderful wife. He had everything going for him college degree retired from air force wonderful home nice nice things now NOTHING. My brother started out taking loritabs now he is addicted to oxys. His wife and kids do not live with him anymore. My parents and family are done with him. He lies he steals he has pawned everything he owns to get money for pills. My mom has rhumitori arthritis so bad and he steals her medicine that she actual needs. She had hid them from him and he finds them every time. He is seriously killing her from all the stress. I also worry about my dad having a heart attack from the stress. On top of that my sister age 24 who still lives at home is also addicted to loritabs. She has two kid. She has been in and out of meth. She has a very bad addicted personality. Her attitude is horrible. Her and my brother are throwing everything away. I just feel for their kids. I am just so scared I feel like my parents are on their way to their death bed and it is not fair to me I have never done anything to stress my parents and I know have a baby girl who needs to grow up having her grandparents and I feel like with all the stress from my brother and sister it might not happen and it is killing me. My parents are both retired they should be enjoying it but they cant. My bother has stolen so much from them and both him and my sister has put them through hell.. PLEASE HELP my family. I need someone to help me with this. I just can’t stand to see this go on anymore. These last couple of years has been so horrible. Please someone help me and my family.

  • tatntude

    How about a person who I’d addicted…reaching and screaming for help to gain control over the addiction and personal growth? Oh…guess that wouldn’t make for a tv show. tatntude@gmail.com!

  • Barbara Miller

    Hi my name is Barbara and I am a recovering addict that has been clean now for a year of of heroin and prescription pain pills. I am looking to get help for my best friend Kelly who is addicted to heroin. She claims that she wants to get help but can not afford it and she does not have insurance. Although when the subject of her getting clean comes up she gets very defensive and also claims that she “needs” to get high because she has her fiancee’s mother and sick uncle (who are both addicted to pain killers) living with them and the only way that she can deal with them is to get high. A typical excuse for an addict considering most addicts don’t take responsibility for their addiction or actions. Most everyone in her family are addicted to heroin. I am so scared that she is going to kill herself or someone else. She gets high all the time and drives with her 4 year old daughter in the car while she is nodding out behind the wheel! She has gotten into a few car accidents where luckily no one was injured but I’m scared that the next one may take someone’s life. I have not really spent to much time with her in the last year because since I got clean I don’t want to be around the drugs or around her while she is high, but I also don’t want to give up on her! She really is a great person! I fear for her 4 year old daughters life for a couple of reasons but the biggest reason is that, Kelly uses in front of her daughter all the time. Last year before I stopped hanging out with her at her house, Kelly had put her heroin on a plate with a razor blade and a straw and placed it on her dresser unsupervised and went outside. When she went back in to get her next fix everything was gone, plate and all! She tore her room apart when she finally found the plate and razor and straw but her heroin was wet and out of a gram there was maybe enough for one line left. I was hoping that maybe it just spilled but after looking at her daughters face, she has heroin all over it and her nose!!! Kelly would not call 911 in fear that she would go to jail and have her daughter taken away! I was so scared for her daughter I was in tears! So after that day is when I stopped going over there because I could not watch her abuse herself and further more her daughter anymore! She is in desperate need of a wake up call and help but I can’t do it alone!!!! Please can someone help me before I have to bury my best friend or worse….bury her innocent 4 year old daughter!!!!! Thank you sincerely Barbara Miller

    • Tab

      Call 911 if that little girl dies its on you. You enable by sitting back and watching that abuse. Call give her the wake up call please don’t allow an innocent child to live like that call your local child protective services. I have been through this with my own sister they choose to live like that that little girl did not choose this. I plead with you call you don’t want their death on your conscience!!

    • Heather

      She will have to get rid of all of her friends and family to become clean first off! It took me years to learn this! I always tried to keep my drug addict friends and try to get clean and wondered why it was not working! Now I have been clean for two years and am not attracted to people that do drugs in any way and see that was one thing I should have done sooner! Me moving a couple counties away helped a ton also!

    • Heather

      I did not see the bottom half of your letter! I would definitely rat her out for the sake of that child! You would be saving her life! She has no choice but her mother does and do not think it will not happen to her because it is a big possibility!

  • Nyla

    I am concerned about my sister. She has everything that life could offer but she is very depressed so she drinks and has become an alcoholic. She uses the phone when she is drunk curses all of her friends and family. She fights her husband and threatens to kill him. I have lost 5 siblings and I am afraid for her. She is a diabetic and goes on drinking sometimes 3 to 4 days a week. She takes depression pills but still drinks. My dad was an alcoholic, therefore none of us can drink socially. Three other siblings are/were alcoholics. What can I do to help her? Please help me so I don’t lose another sibling.

  • Karina

    Hi my name is Karina i am 20 and need help asap I am addicted to crystal meth and alcohol and have been for years now I’m tired of this lifestyle I wanna change n need help I’m tired of hurting my family

    • EliJoan Adolphson

      Did you ever get help? Meth is really hard to get off of, but it’s possible.

  • Skylar Anderson

    Hi my name is skylar I have a little sister that is 17 and addicted to LSD pills alcohol and anything else she can get her hands on she will take I’m afraid of loosing her to this her and her boyfriend do them together please contact me at skylaradon@icloud.com or 5732539495 please help me before she gets in trouble again or ends up dead at a friends house of hers. she is violent when she’s drinking also black out and won’t remember anything the next day her boyfriend zack has punched her in the face has dumped gas on our passed away fathers stuff that was in the army I really need someone to back me up I can’t do this on my own again

  • sarah

    Hello my name is Sarah Leaman. I am a recovering addict of pain pills. I have been clean for almost two years now. I recently had a baby boy in August of 2013. I am writing to get help for my mother. My mother is 55 years old and abuses pain pills. My mom has high blood pressure and problems breathing. I am afraid these health problems were caused from abusing pain pills. She doesn’t come over and see me or my child and we live in the same neighborhood 10 steps away. She use to be the ideal grandmother to my niece and nephews before she started using. She has to have a roommate to help with rent and bills because all of her money goes to pills. More than ever I am concerned with her health. My mother is so in-denial about her addiction that I don’t know know what to do anymore. Please please help me. I don’t know where else to turn.

  • Rachelle Dumpy Bradley

    Hi! My name is Rachelle. I have been on some sort of pain medication since my accident in 1994. I started out on Vicodin, then went and got on Methadone from 1998 till 2000, I had to go and detox off 120mg a day, I survived, but thought I was really going to die, when released the Dr. told me to go get on suboxone , so I did, then the Dr. that was giving me that got shut down, so I did find another Dr. that put me on Oxycodone and Opana ER. I am still on that, I know I have Disc Degenerative Disease with 6 hern. disc, and I know I could be on something that is not a narcotic to control the pain, but I need help

  • rosa

    Need help with my brother and his addiction to drugs. We don’t know what to do any more I’m so scared for his life and my moms health too. He has stolen everything from my parents, there’s times when he gets to violent with my mom calls her every bad named there is. My dad blames everything on my mom and does nothing to help with my brother all he does is scream at my mom, my brother tells my mom if he kicks him out his going to kill himself and that is going to be her fault, there was a time when he slept with knives under his pillow. We don’t have founds to get someone to help us, my brother refuses to get help. Please help I don’t know what to do is affecting all of us in so many ways.

  • Jimmy Granger

    Yes is there a number to call or email to contact

  • Renee

    I am writing to you in hopes of getting some help for my son. He is a heroin addict and also addicted to any other drug that he can get, not to mention alcohol too. I love my son very much and this has been going on for alot of years. He has a 9 yr old son who doesnt even know his father at all, he needs his dad as well as I need my son. He scares me because I know he will do anything to get high, he sleeps in the woods or where ever he can find to lay down. Please help him.

  • mckaila

    I am 15 almost 16 years old..my started drinking when she was a teenager..she drank so much that she was kicked out of the Navy..she met my dad while being there an they had me..they were never married an they are not together to this day..my mom thibls that there is nothing wrong with her addiction..she is completely oblvious and things have gotten to where she has no parental rights anymore..when I was three or four years old I was put into foster care an I stayed there for six years off and on..when I was nine almost ten we were reunited and we moved in with her boyfriend at the time in gainesville texas..things were bad..she drank from the time she woke up to the time she went to bed, if she went to bed that is..she constantly left me alone to go gambling until 3 or 4 in the morning..she always talked about how she was going to kill herself because of me an even at a young age I didnt kno how to respond…one day we were cleaning the apartment and she had been drinking all day she threatened to kill herself all day long and I followed her everywhere..until I looked away for a few minutes or so and she went to the bathroom and had taken 32 sleeping pills she came out stumbling and slurring her words an my first thought was call 911 so I did the cops showed up with a paramedic an because I was so scared they said that if I didnt open the door that they would have to bust the doordown.. so I opened it an they took care of her..shortly after before they rushed her to the ER they told me that if it wasnt fore that my mom would have been gone in at least 10 minutes..they took her away and then took me to the station..my uncle picked me up an took me back with him..my gma came all the way from North Carolina and she had recieved temporary custody until my mom was stable..and she never showed..weeks later she had no where to go no where to live and she came to stay with us..then not long after she started getting out of control she started drinking constantly more and more and one day she had went to the bar she came home at 7:15 the next morning I had to go to school and she tried to get on the bus with me..I wemt to school an when I came home I thought maybe she would be asleep or something but I was wrong..I came home an she was on the porch with a cigarette in her hand passed out..I went into my room an she awakened and followed she started yelling at me and she pushed me onto my bed I fell off an she started beating me with her fists..I screamed for help and my gpa ran in he called my gma then called the cops and my mom jus wouldnt stop..the cops showed up and they took her to the hospital..the doctor called a few days after with some breath taking noise..they told us that she had cocaine in her system for 72 hours..so we had to kick her out an she came back..my gpa passed away and we moved back home..she found out where I lived where I went to school and she tried to take me from school twice..my mom needs help..I love her and I dont want to lose her..everyday im terrified that im going to get a phone call saying she died from alcohol poisoning..im tired of living in fear..and so is my family..we love her but nobody wants to be around her because of her addiction..someone anyone please help me an my family save my mom before its too late..

  • Jean

    Hi my name is Jean and my sister has been addicted to alcohol for 20 years .She has been in and out of program and now he is in the hospital once again with liver damage and i believe i don’t try again to get her help she will die.I love her she is 39 years old and my parents and i are watching her slowly kill herself.I want my sister back can you help her before its to late.There is nothing worse then human suffering and she is in that death roll.But I feel the next time I pick up the phone it will be that she died.Can you please help her ?

  • angie escudero

    Hello my name is angela escudero I have tried to help my x husbond with his drinking problem thats what caused our divorce.we have 2 kids together he has been drinking for 20 years or more and when we was married it got worse and worse .we live in a very small town thier is no places here to help him with his drinking he is now 42 years old he has lost job after job he has had 3 dui s he has been arrested for drinking and driving hes lost his wife and kids over his drinking he has missed so much in his kids life he dont call them he missed his sons football games his daughters grauguation he has missed out on so much .he is a grandpa now he didnt see his grand daughter till she was 4 months old he has no home he lives in a small building beside of a body shop he wares clothes he has had for years he dont care bout showering , shaving,brushing his teeth , or staying clean any more he shakes bad if he has no drink his eyes have already turned yellowish I kno that is bad sign .his kids wont him around in thier life but he drinks from when wakes up till he goes to bed he dont eat a lot .he has ask for help he dose wont the help but thier is nothing here in this small town .so if thier is any way u can help him befor it to late ?

  • vickie selman

    this program was advertised as a resource for help..but are you truly responding to all these people. I have a daughter livivng with me that has a masters ineducation and drugs have destroyed her life. Can you help? Her life is worth saving. I hope this is not false advertising. Please contact me at 415-497-7809.
    My name is Vickie

    • Dzanders


  • christina smith

    Hi my name is Christina and I am writing in hopes that someone can help my family before it is to late.I have a brother who think about nothing but a way to get high.. He makes life hard for my mom and for my family.My mom worry so much that I can not believe that she is still here with us. But the drug have such a hold on my brother that he just do not care. We had a hard life growing up that he might use the drugs to help him not think about the past. I can not trust him to even let him stay at my house. He will take things that don’t belong to him for his drugs. We just worry that if we don’t get him some help soon that he will not be here with us much longer. Jail is not somewhere we want him to go back to, he could get drugs in jail just like on the street.I talked to him today and he was sick because he didn’t have the drugs to get high…so sad!!!!!!!!! He is a father of three and he can not even do good at that.PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP CALL ME ASAP 910-258-4425…THANKS and have a wonderful day. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY

  • Denise

    I really need this !i my daughter is the most beautiful girl but harion and meth have ahold of her we need this.how do I apply

  • jeanine devine

    Message: I do not know what else to do for my daughter she is so addicted to drugs and alcohol she will be 28 this june she has 2 beautiful daughters i just want her to get clean and sober so she can have her girls they need their momma but they need her clean and sober please help her we are not fortunate to have the money to get her in a program but that doesnt mean she should be out there killing herself that is what we are not looking forward to is the police to come to our place and ask us to identify our daughter i am right now crying as i am typing this note to you guys. I have had problems with her as long as she was 12 years old the judge put her in rehab back than. When she had her oldest daughter she quit everything to be a good mommy than something happened she turned to alcohol. Aftans dad has her the other one alexandra the dads sister has her. i just want her to get the help she needs so she can have her 2 girls back please help her. We got all excited believing her that this time she was going to be free from addiction but than we found a needle in our bathroom garbage
    > Jeanine Devine

  • shelly

    My name is Shelly i have a 23 year old daughter who has been on drugs since she was 16 she went away a few times but not long enough she is slowly killing herself and me. I am begging for help I dont want to lose my only child my daughter said she wants to stop but doest know how. Please someone help. I am in desperate need. I will do anything to help my daughter get better.

  • Amanda cooper

    Hello, my name is Amanda and I’m 20 years old. I need help for my Mom. She is 49, turning 50 in November and was an alcoholic from 2003 until 2009. She has suffered heart breaking, tragic events from the loss of her husband to Suicide to pushing her entire family away. She was Sober for almost 4 years until she became involved with a drug addict. My mom is now addicted to Meth. She has nothing. She has lost her house that she worked so hard for in her sobriety. She has lost her job and her car. All of my family is worried about her. I am the only person who is even in the same state as her and I miss my mom. I Don’t know how to help her. Please contact me, I don’t want to loose my mom to something like this. She is a wonderful person and deserves sobriety. I just need help reminding her of that.

  • Tammy Ray

    How can I talk to someone about someone needing help????

  • Do you help others with support line? I have a son that has be addicted to drugs since he was 15 or younger and he’s now 29. Please help our family

  • Tyler M

    idk where the contact form is. i have a close friend at work that needs help. i can’t do it on my own and i feel like more people are against them than with them. i won’t get them fired or anything so idk what to do…

  • claudine przyst

    how do I contact intervention

  • erika

    Hi my name is erika
    I dont know how to sign up for this but here it gose. I have two sisters that are addicted to meth. One is 31 and shes been on meth since she was 13. She always made bad choices in life she is a mother of 3 children. She never was there for them. My mom been rasining her kids from day one. She did 6 years in prison and you would think she’ll change but no she came out just as bad. She neess help I think shes going to die doing durgs he kids need her and I want her to get help before its to late. My other sister is 29 and shes been doing meth since she was 14 and she needs to get help. My sister are killing my mom. They dont see that. My mom has 9 kids and these two are addicted to meth and its killing them. I hope someone can help them and my family. I LOVE MY SISTERS WITH ALL MY HEART AND I HOPE THEY REALLY GET WELL. MY MOM WOULD BE THE HAPPIEST MOM IN THE WORLD AND MY SISTERS KIDS WOULD LIVE A BETTER LIFE. PLEASE PLEASE HELP.

  • Roberta

    How do I Find out about an intervention for my 33 year v old son He is very very addicted & I can’t help Him. I’m scared he will die if hee doesn’t receive help immediately

  • A mothers love

    hi I am trying to save my mom from her sickness I have tried everything ??

  • Mich

    This is what my daughter said from her call from jail “Mom please help me, I promise if you get me out I will go to rehab.” My daughter was arrested on 6/12/14. She has been addicted to meth, pills & alcohol since she was 14 and now 25. She has a heart of gold and very beautiful and talented. What 25 year old female can take apart a car and put it back together? She can sew, interior decorate, hair, pet care, etc.
    Please help her so she can succeed and pursue her dreams.
    She’s got numerous charges for drugs to occupied, I.D. theft to intent to litter fict. bill/note/check and many numerous charges throughout the years. She has been in and out of trouble. Her preliminary hearing is set for end of June. She has a beautiful 6 year old little boy that misses her very much. As grandparents my husband and I have been raising him. He prays every night “Now I lay me down to sleep… He states “please help my mommy get well so she can get a job and be with me.”
    My husband and I have been happily married for 35 years. We can’t afford to get her rehab.
    I’ve watched your show and want to give it my all to get my daughter the help she needs.
    Please help her she is now asking and promising!!!!

  • Mich

    I hope my daughter can get help!!!!

  • Ellen Schaupp

    I am in desperate need of information on an intevention for my husband of 26 years. He is helplessly addicted to alcohol and it is ruining our marriage. Please someone contact me with information.

    • Guest

      AA (alcoholics anonymous) can be a great starting place. and they also provide support, and resources, for both the addicted, and the family. Primarily it’s for the addicted, but they also are there for the family whos lives are impacted by their loved ones addiction to alcohol.

  • Amber McClure Stanley

    I want to get my little brother help he is 20 years old and is addict to meth he is a great person when he is sober. When he is high I don’t hear from him and it worries me that once I do get a phone call about him that it’s gonna be the one that says he is dead or in jail what do I need to do to get him help

  • sheri

    How can I get help for my son I’m at my last resort please someone help me help him he’s only 21 I can’t bare to see him continue the path he’s going on

  • AJ

    What if you are addicted to something way worse than all of these such as self harm then what do you do?

    • Guest

      Addiction is not limited to just meds and drinking… SIB is another thing that can be addictive… especially for those who have the chemical release in the brain that can happen when this is done.. Can you reach out to a therapist? or local mental health center?

  • crystal

    hi my name is crystal I am an addict to shooting crystal meth I have also snorted it smoked it as well I also like doing crack, and cocaine at times but I prefer meth. I have had sex for meth stole for it and lied for it. I have lost a lot in 2 years because of my addiction I have lost my kids, tore my relationship apart and hurt my family. can someone please help me.9122533244.

  • Nichole Johnson-Forbis

    My name is Nichole forbis I am writing because I have a sister whom which is on meth very bad has three kids and is staying house to house….we her family me and my mother are at the end of our ropes with helping her we want to save her life and her kids. My mother lossed my brother to a drowning in 2000 sheiks to well wither health and neither am i. I have cancer and my mother was just diagnosed with a tumor. I set and watch my mother daily worry about my sisters well being and the children. I cry every night and pray for her I fear for the kids bc ik they are not being taken care of and I do not want them to go to the state please anyone who can help us get a I intervention to my sister would be a huge blessing please help us…..here is my cell number 918-320-2303 and here is my mothers 719-289-6197 or home phone at 719-924-9003′. Email us at nforbis1986@yahoo.com or princesscmj2002@hotmail.com…..anybody please we desperately need your help. I also fear my mother may not have much longer if my sister does not get the help she needs and quick…please I’m begging anyone.

  • megan

    i am concerned about my best friends brother who is addicted to heroin. he has been to two rehab centers within a year, and was recently in a detox center for about a week. he really needs help, he is expecting a child with his girlfriend in the next couple months. is there any way i can contact you for help? even if its not specifically your program we are just out of ideas to help him we feel hopeless and could use a professionals help to get our message of how much we care for him nailed in his heart and mind. please help us.

  • Magda Gil

    Hi, my name is Magda. I am very concern about my 17 year old grandson. I know that he is addicted to marijuana but I think and feel that he is doing other drugs since the age of 12. I have to keep my door locked because at times am afraid of him. How can I get some intervention for him.Please can you help!

  • Britney

    How can I talk to my someone for an intervention for my daughter’s father. He is currently addicted to methamphetamines. He has 4 felony drug related charges as well. Please help us

  • Tonya Warren Wolf

    Hi, my sister Christian is addicted to meth and pain pills. She is also pregnant and due next month. It doesn’t seem like she has done anything lately but it is always hard to tell. This has been going on for about five or six years. I have lost the sister I use to have and I fear for her poor unborn child. I don’t know what to do.

  • Jeff

    My name is jeff, and im an alcoholic, im very sick and its killing me, my friends and everyone that knows me. Please help me.

  • Jeff

    Gene, i know how you feel. I feel the same exact way.

  • Jeff

    My name is Jeff,, I am an alcoholic. It’s killing me, my family and everyone else around me. Please help me!

  • lenice

    My sister is an addict she has lost her kids because of it I would like to try and gey her help if possible

  • Jacqueline Dingman

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 and 1/2 years and he’s addicted to suboxone ever since we’ve been together. He also takes Xanax with it daily and has tried to quit at least 2 times, failing each time. He’s never been diagnosed with anything but I believe he suffers from severe anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. Our relationship is suffering and so is his health. I worry about him all the time and he scares me to the point where I don’t think I’m safe even living with him. Please help.

  • Melissa

    I am writing bc I have a concern about myself I started on pain pills. Then I started experimenting with other drugs… Mixing drugs… I landed on heroin for years and now years later I’ve been back and forth front methadone and suboxone… I feel like I’m hopeless like I will never be clean off everything….. I cry all the time and have rage attacks even though normally I’m a very happy, friendly girl…. I’ve been now mixing suboxone with alcohol every day to feel better and I just want to feel normal without trying to numb emotional and physical pain…. I have state insurance and I pay all my bills on my own with 2 kids and the insurance won’t do anything to support being clean and I don’t have financial help. I need a solution I Don’t want to fall further down example being back on heroin just to be numb and not care… pls can someone help.. I live in Pa and my number is 2158813611

  • Renee Kirkley

    How do you contact someone about a intervention

  • Renee Kirkley

    Please help if anyone can….I need to find out about getting a intervention for someone

  • LaSchelle

    My 18 cousin needs an intervention, I’m scared that if he doesn’t he’s going to die at a very young age. He’s addicted to meth and it’s getting worse and worse day by day. Please help

  • Tammara Cunningham

    is there anyone that can please help my family? im scared for my 18yr old son. we had to kick him out at 17 due to his drug use. hes homeless. he says hes in a gang. he digs through garbage and steals just to get money for drugs. it started w marijuana, then spice, then meth n now im told hes shooting up meth and heroine. i dont wanna lose my son before hes even out of his teens. he wont accept help from us. im afraid im gonna get a call one day from someone saying my son either died from drugs or something worse. his sisters, father and i cry all the time cuz we dont know where he is, what hes doin, or if hes even alive or not. pls can someone help us? im a mother who believes at this rate im gonna lose my only baby boy……we live in las vegas nevada if anyone knows of any help pls email me at tammara.cunningham@gmail.com

  • joshua

    Hi, my name is Joshua I’m 26 yrs old and am badly addicted to heroin and would like to tell my story in hopes of a reaction from interventions help..I have been addicted to heroin for 6 years now and have been to prison and lost all my friends and most of my family. I am currently in a methadone clinic but still use every day and I am so tired of hurting my future and my family. I have a 4 yr old son and I have turned my back on him completely. I now have a daughter on the way I was clean for a while lime 6 months and I jus keep coming back to my own demise and using. I have tryed over and over to get clean and it never fails I jus run back to the dope everytime things get too hard for me to deal with. I have overdosed at least twenty times and have contracted hep c due to my use. I want my life back and I want to be a father to my baby’s that I never had. I’m soo ashamed of my self. I let my family down soo much that they have pretty much let me go. My mother crys her self to sleep many nights and I just sit there and shoot up and tell her I will vet better then I steal her Belongings and lie to her blaming mh sister who also uses. We actually support each others habits through stealing and prostitution I hate that I allow her to do this to support my high but refuse to stop her in fear of being sick. I love my sister and want hef go get help too. We are fully and completeley toxic for each other. I want help but I have no money or help to get away to a good program. I’m begging for a chance at life and a chance to be a good example for my kids. I’m tired and I feel like the next needle I stick in my arm may be my last. So please with every thing I am help me and my sister and my family. Thank you for your consideration and time to read this please pray for me and her.

  • jim

    my daughter tried to commit suicide last night. I have tried to help in the past and this is what it lead to
    I need help in order to help her. I do not want to identify her in the coroners office

  • Cyril Skillman

    Hello, my name is Cyril-Dean Paul Skillman, I have been a drinker for quite sometime now and i’m starting to feel like I need to stop, 4 years I have been drinking and I am feeling really sick now, I’ve been spending all my money on my drinks and no food, I have no food right now and I am so hungry, i’m so sick of drinking this crap i’m starting to go insane,

  • Kris Ruiz

    Hi my name is Kristian Ruiz I’m 30 years old I’m writing Timbuktu guys in hope of finding help for myself I’m addicted to heroin I been doing it for Luke 7 years now I’m really tired if this lifestyle I hate it I don’t get high no mire I just do it to feel normal and it sucks cuz nit only I’m bringing myself down my family too I want to be the husband and dad they deserve pls pls help me my email is kruiz8420@gmail.com thanxs

  • Becky Montoya

    Hi my name is Becky and I am looking for help for my sister she is a crystal meth addict and she needs help along with my family I am an ex addict my self and have had to cut myself off from her to not relapse my self she has already gotten in trouble for beating up my 12 year old son and gave him a concussion and even hit my mom too. The sad thing is that this is not the first time she has beaten up my dad my brother and even me! I knew she was using way before my parents because she tried to sell to me. When she hit my son that was the final straw for me her kids were taken away and they are beautiful little boys by the ages of 5 and 3 they are now in the system and the family is fighting for them but they are not fighting to save her life she has lost weight dramatically to the point where she is unrecognizable and that is scary I have moved out of texas to ohio to escape the drama but I can help but worry about the kids my mom is trying to get custody of them but they are really not trying to help her they got her an apartment that they pay for they give her a car to drive to pay her cell phone and whatever else they can do. I have asked them to put her in rehab because they dont understand that if my sister continues down this path that she is not gonna live and my parents think that I am being mean but I am not I just dont want to get a phone call in the middle of the night saying that my sisters dead and that her kids have been abandoned it scares me so much I dont want to loose my sister but I am so afraid that I am. i want my parents to stop enabling her and I want her to get help and have the kids back with the family. please please help o tell me how to get help my email is becky.montoya@hotmail.com

  • JJ

    I lost my oldest son 4 years 1month and 26 days ago. He was with me 25 years 6 months and 13 days. Since his death my other 2 sons are a mess. 1 is a combat veteran with PTSD and turned to drugs the other just turned to drugs. I guess this is their way of coping with their loss. I have tried to help but now I’m just angry. We all went thru the same tragedy. My fear is I’m going to bury another child if not both. I’m sure I don’t know all the drugs they are on but I’m not stupid, we all know. They are now 26 & 28. They have both done a 30 day program but they need help. I need them to be ok I can’t bury another child. I could make a list of the drugs I know about but that list is the ones everyone has mentioned. My family needs help to put us back together even though we are missing one. We can’t even have family dinners or pictures because it’s too hard knowing one of us is gone. PTSD and the loss is the root of the problem but now I think they just like being high. I managed to pull myself thru the best I can but it still feels like yesterday. I don’t have the strength left to deal with their drug problems and all that goes with it trying to keep myself together and have my career. I’ve put everything into helping them and didn’t have someone to get me thru. I have found my peace by getting involved in some charities and changing my career to something I have a passion for. I needed to feel something besides pain and I want my children to be able to do the same. I still have walls and don’t let many people inside my world but yet in my career I deal with people. My family needs help, all of us for different reasons. My boys are addiction, mine is grief and loss and how to learn to be happy (if I’m truly happy that means I let go of my grief and that’s what I hold onto to hold onto my son. I have been diagnosed with PTSD but I can function at work because the only person I have is me.. My daughter is a lot like me that way and it’s not healthy. Is there some kind of family help out there? I don’t have the financial resources for us, I’m single and there is no father in the picture at all, just me. I just can’t do this anymore and I want my grandsons to have a good and healthy childhood. That is the basics of my story but there are a lot more details. We don’t live in an area that has a lot of help. I just want to put what’s left of my family back together and have my kids healthy, happy and to live their lives to the fullest. I know the son I lost would want his family to get thru this. He was such a good person and so full of life. He was military also. I have tried the resources thru the military but I’ve given up on that. Please if anyone reads this and has any ideas or knows of programs I would love to talk to you.. ~ thank you JJ

  • dw

    Im not sure were I go to try to get an intervention for my mom. Im scared and would love for her to get help b4 letting her in my life. I am 27 yrs old and when I was 2 my dad won custody of me and my sister and brother due to my mother not showing up to court. I was always told she was passed out and didnt wake up on time. She gave up and never faught. My dad took us to make a better life for us. He worked 3 jobs at times to support us. When I was 11 my sister contacted my mom and my mother said she was clean and have been for 3 years so my dad allowed her to visit. My younger brother dicided he wanted to go back to cali with her.. I was shocked and devistated… I called everyday I got scared bc our talks became distant and weve always been close.. I then asked if I could go see my mom and brother to so at 11 I got on a plane by myself from minnisota to cali. When I got there it all became a blur.. the next thing I remember is waking up in the same cloths a week later.. I dont even remember the whole ride to her house.. she said I was just sick from the climate change.. that I slept the whole time I remember looking at me sad.. but then it was like everything was normal for a while.. but soon I started realizing my mother was drinking ALOT I mean cases a day.. beng drinking. I asked what was going on. She said its just beer no biggy. Soon she begun spirling out of control.. sleeping with all sorts of men acting and saying she had a demon in her that takes over and one night I woke up to her with a night up to my brothers throat.. and being 11 I knew I had to fight or he was going to die.. I faught her off grabbed my brother and ran as fast as we could.. I took him to a friends house the man who looked out for us due to the fact my brother might have possibly been his. So I left him there..I knew hed be safe and to keep my mom away I returned. She begged and said she was sorry.. I then stayed in hopes to get intouch with my father for help. Being 12 then and watching my mother start smoking weed..to then harder drugs I even watched her prostitute for money for drugs. It got so bad she wasnt feeding me and I was becoming weak.. it got so bad I walked in on her shooting up.. she was so high out her mind she was in functional I in resault I went and dug in a dumpster for food. Before to long I was rushed to the hospital with sever dehydration and malnutrition. … she lied and said I wouldnt eat.. I spent 2 weeks on I.v.s and my arms strapped down.. soon I was released and finally was able to contact my father… at 12 yrs old I went home only 92 lbs… I dont know how I made it..I prayed for her everyday since.. and I am so greatful we made it. In 2007 my brother passed away… it broke me..as I watched my sister call to tell my mom..I felt she had no right to know…the calls were felled..I was so releaved. But with noone seeing my mom the suspishion if she still lived grew and my sister searched.. and found her.. she again says shes clean but only has a few beers now just to keep her alive…. however.. to me I cant believe its safe bc a few beers is to many. I have a son now and will be damned if I let her get close knowing she still drinks..so pls id love to get her help bc I cant fight this battle of her back in our lives… I fear for my familys life..

  • Mary Walsh

    How can I apply to set up an intervention for my daughter? I am so scared for her. I am an addict, in recovery, who gave her and her sister up to their dad when my addiction got in the way of caring for them. My recovery has taken years, and I will be the first to admit I will always have an addictive personality. My oldest daughter is doing great, and she continues to teach me every day about myself, and teaches me better ways to relate to her. I feel we have a good relationship now, considering all we have been through.
    My youngest daughter is addicted to meth, and my oldest daughter has told me that my addicted daughter is also diagnosed bipolar. She recently lost custody of her children, ages 2 and twins that are just about 1 year old. My oldest daughter has custody of the 2 year old, and her dad and step mom have custody of the twins. My addicted daughter just had emergency surgery for abdominal abcesses inside. She even left the hospital AMA one night, to I’m sure go get high, and then came back the next morning. She tells me she is living without power, heat, food, or anything. I offered her to come stay with me, as I am in another state. I would getc her into treatment and away from what she knows. Now my oldest daughter is mad at me for this. She thinks her sister has had enough help, but I want to offer help until she gets it. This is my cry out to the universe to help my daughter not be like me.

  • Kalee Carter

    Hi my name is kalee. My boyfriend is suffering with the addiction of heroin, suboxene, blues, and any other drugs he can get his hands on. We thought that he would change when he went to jail but that never happen. Nothing is working and we honestly don’t know what to do, he says he wants to be clean but I honestly don’t believe it. He says he is clean and then I look at his arms and he has multiple needle marks on his arms. I don’t know what to do anymore and nor does his mom. We have been together for a little more then 6 months and he is only 18 and is hard into drugs I’m scared that if he doesn’t get help now things will only get worse. Can someone please help and give me some advice.

  • chelsea

    Hi my name is Chelsea now im 20 years old and since age 12 I have been battling anorexia and bulimia, now im currently anorexic but no one seems to think its a problem since im not super emaciated looking or anything, but its a demon in me that i struggle with every single day on a daily basis and its ruined every single aspect of my life, I also have a severe dependance to marijuana since 15 I need it every day just to unwind and get away from the eating disorder voice and thoughts in my head that are taunting me, when i cant smoke all i seem to think about is when ill get my next high. Whats worse is that the past 2 years i have also been snorting coke on and off as well, going on these binges then trying to steer away from it cold turkey, and every time i get off it i always relapse, i have also experimented with other drugs like hash, crack, oxycodone, ecstacy and speed as well. My own bf isnt aware of what kind of drugs i actually tried in my life, neither do my friends or family.

  • Donna Holloway

    Hello I am So Concerned for my Dearest Closest Friend , she is 41 and continues to drink , her liver has been at dangerous levels and the doctor has told her several times to get help ~ She has been in treatments for only a month at a time and then she is released back to doing the same destructive pattern of drinking ~ please please please someone on this interventiontv please help Kelli ,


    Hello my name is Marie. My husband had 3 operations on his back in 2011and 2012. He was given pain killers and did really we’ll for over a year and a half with them. His Dr decided it was time to tell him to find a pain clinic. So he found one and was very happy with them, until he liked the high he was getting from Oxy’s. Then for another year, he was taking them too quickly and found that he would be in serious pain after and would start drinking hard alcohol. Now, he doesn’t have a pain clinic because he has been kicked off because of the drinking. So he has resorted to having either alcohol or rubbing alcohol and I have to keep our money on me instead of the bank. A couple of weeks ago he almost died cuz of drinking 2 bottles of rubbing alcohol and was in icu with a tube in his throat for 2 and a 1/2 days then he was transported to a psych ward. He is such a good convincing dinner and convinced the staff he was in severe pain and would never do it again. He was supposed to go to intensive outpatient therapy, alas he hasn’t done it. He swears he will do it but then yesterday he went and got another bottle of booze. He is such a rude mean person but only mentally abusive thank you God. Now this morning, he started again on the rubbing alcohol right in front of me. I freaked! So he knocked the bottle into the sink. He had it hidden cuz I went thru the house and made sure all the rubbing alcohol was gone. Guess he went and bought some more. My daughter [his daughter] is so traumatized and he won’t talk to her about his depression and alcohol abuse and pain pill addiction. He tested me yesterday saying he wants to die. I don’t know what to do no hospital will keep him longer than the insurance company will allow and he just reverts every time cuz of the pain he goes thru. I worry that one of these days I won’t cone home in time to call paramedics and I will have to tell our kids and grand kids that dad or grampa is dead and you won’t be able to see him ever again. WE NEED HELP CUZ THE INSURANCE COMPANY WONT AND HE IS ON SSD AND I am along with my daughter that brings in the money. WE DONT HAVE MUCH TIME I THINK AND ARE SEVERELY DESPERATE. HELP US PLEASE

  • Heather

    I have been clean for two years and was on anything and everything (mostly pain meds) for eight years! It is hard to explain to a drug addict that they will find a way to be happy again…even more happy than they were before they did drugs! When you are an active addict it is so hard to believe it and have hope of such a thing but it is very possible! That is what I always thought “I will never be as happy as I feel when I am high” but it is not true! I have dealt with all of the things that have led me to drugs in the first place and I can appreciate everything so much more than I did before! I always say everything happens for a reason! I think the biggest misconception of addiction is that a drug addict can just stop overnight and that it is an easy thing and it is a choice! If it was that easy nobody would become an addict in the first place…nobody decides when they are a child that they want to be a drug addict when they get older! It saddens me that people do not understand it and critisize addicts instead of try to help! I wish everybody writing in here luck in the positive outcomes they are seeking!!!

  • Christina

    I am concerned about my son. He started off smoking weed, then it was taking pills for a high and now he’s injecting heroin. I am at my wits end. He has all the signs of addiction, abuse and self-loathing. I do not want to lose my son to this epidemic that is getting worse every day. He has never stolen from me or family members but I have done a lot of research and know that this is possible. He was incarcerated for 6 days and I was actually able to get a good night’s rest, knowing he was safe. Sad to say but it’s true. Now that he has been home, every day is a constant battle for him. I’m trying to be supportive. I am definitely not an enabler but this is my son and I think he needs inpatient rehab. Not just speaking to counselors or a psychiatrist. He needs to learn to love himself again. I love him to the moon and back and I just can’t help him by myself.

  • Erica

    My name is Erica, I’m worried about my dad and his drinking. I had just turned 15 on December 28th, My dad is a very bad alcoholic and it puts a lot of stress on mine and my moms plate. He will do anything to get alcohol, I used to drink with him and do drugs with my friends, but I got the help I needed. I need help because my dad is just getting worse and worse. He causes a lot of drama at home, he will put my mom and I down but when we say something back he gets all mad. I’m just afraid to wake up one morning and my daddy will be dead, I love my daddy to death but he isn’t the dad that I remember when I was younger. We aren’t suppose to have alcohol on the property because of my sobriety, but he hides it in his truck in the basement in his room, anywhere where he thinks I wont find it. Tonight I packed my bags I got everything I need for school, I have the clothes and stuff I need. . And he doesn’t care. He just want his alcohol and that’s it.. I cant deal living with my dad much longer, I need to stay sober for my family and not just my family but for me too. Can anyone help me?? Please?!?!

  • tara

    how do you go about getting ahold of someone to help with my situation? my mother and boyfriend{father of my son} are both addicts who are highly addicted to heroin and pain pills! I need help with the both of them and my family is so tired of the stealing, lying. and deceitful ways! please someone help !

  • Concerned mom

    My son is addicted to synthetic marijuana. I have been told by rehabs that there is no treatment for this addiction. I worry every morning that I will wake up to find him dead. Even if I could find a facility, we cannot afford the cost. Can you help us?

  • Shannon

    Hello my name is Shannon and i am trying to get help for my sister. She is an alcoholic. She doesn’t drink to have a good time. She drinks to get drunk and it has gotten bad here lately. She has had something happen and she tries to hide it in a bottle. And i am so worried i am gonna loss my sister over this. And her drink has taking a toll on me as well. I have to be mother hen over her just so i know she makes it home ok. So please i am asking can i please help my sister?

  • carolsais

    Please. Please I need help in the worst way my son is 19 been addicted to heroin for 3 years plz tell me how to get help plzzzz.

  • Xiomara Concepcion

    Hi my name is Xiomara. I am from Mass. My father needs help. He has 2 grandchildren he really doesn’t know. I’m scared he will die one day. This is killing me.

  • Jason Thompson

    I’ve been on heroin for over 5yrs. I feel like a dead man walking and I just need someone to please help me… I’ve tried to get in to a detox or rehab but nobody will help me because of the insurance I have so if u can help me in any way please please please let me know?

  • Xiomara Concepcion

    I’ve tried reaching out numerous times. This makes me feel like there is no hope anymore. Please help. Even a message telling me you won’t be able to help would be appreciated. I’VE lost hope

  • Christal

    I need help now! I have done everything in my power to get help! I live in South Dakota and I have done Intensive Outpatient Treatment which did not work! Im not addicted to any certain drug, Im addicted to anything that makes me feel different than how I feel sober! I am an alcoholic/addict!!! I have nothing! I ve lost my friends, family, children, belongings down to only having a toothbrush to my name. I’m staying with my ex husband but I don’t know how long that will last! I need treatment, inpatient long term treatment! I have also been diagnosed with a mood disorder, anxiety disorder, personality disorder and sleep disorder! I have asked for state funded treatment but the state of SD will not fund inpatient treatment for me because I didn’t follow the recommendations of IOP. I want the help, I need the help! I didn’t follow IOP recommendations because I couldn’t quit using! Please help me! I feel as though I have no where else to turn! Please help me! I have nothing to loose here… My phone number is 605.580.6398. My name is Christal.

  • Melanie chestnut

    What if I am the one in need of an intervention but have no one who cares enough to stage one but I know I need it!!

  • Melanie chestnut

    OK I am the one in need of an intervention but I dont have anyone who cares enough about me to stage one how can I get one I know I need it please help!!

  • Tina Carr Rayborn

    I need help for my brother, He has 3 real sisters and 3 step we love him he’s even threatened to kill his self he gets up driving popping pills and more please help us save or Brothers life before it’s to late my Email is thomasrayborn@centurytel.net Thank you

  • Lloyd

    How do we contact you for help for my sister? She is 21 anorexic & does not look like she will live much longer….please help

  • melissa

    How do I get in contact with someone I need help for my daughter who is 23 and addicted to herion and benzs I’ve had her in several treatments including methadone program.and suboxen program she does wonderful for bout 3 to 4 months then leaves the program and back to the streets I’ve not seen my daughter since December of 2014 because I refuse to enable her anymore I’m a recovering attic myself my daughter is now headed for prison because of her actions due to her addiction or either death I spend sleepless nites Waitingfor my phone to ring thst she has overdosed or someone has killed her please I need help to keep my daughter alive and I don’t not known where else to turn please help me

  • john dean

    The problem that my family has is my ex. She won’t stop drinking when she gets up she will start drinking. We have 2 boys together and they stay with me. She is a nice person but when she drinks she a bitch. I had a restraining order but it is over. My oldest one gets upset when she calls. I can’t stop her from drinking. She needs help. Can you help her. My number is 1-619-334-5749 my cell is 1-619-655-2426 ask for John dean

  • Guyana West Indies Crickfann

    i need help .. please who do i talk to

  • Sherry

    I have a sister who has been on every drug that you can think of since she has been 15. She is now 43 and has lost so much weight and the whole family has basically given up on calling her. We call her and she will not call us back or won’t answer any of our calls so we don’t know what to do. She lost her job a year ago and has went down hill ever since. Her grandma died at 44 to alcohol and her cousin lost his life at 38 to alcohol too. We do not know what to do so please help us. Thanks.. sherry padrigo. My email is sherry@autotransportconnections.com if you can help us.

  • Blanca

    Addiction’s described as a disease or dis-ease (meaning, not @ ease) & ONLY the addicted person can find recovery if he or she so desires. NO ONE can make someone stop nor control using, they can’t be forced nor convince (that’s what my Alanon/Naranon spiritual programs teach us) which’s contrary to these interventions. The illness’s mental, spiritual, & phys. It can be arrested, but NEVER cured.

  • mark mattocks

    hello all my name is Mark, I set here watching your show and I see all of me in them ! it makes me so SAD that no one has ever loved me enough to help !!! and I don’t even love myself. I have always put any problems I have in a pocket and have always self medicated because of it., at 53 my pockets are full and I’m now looking at my only options to end all is pain is death. I just feel so lost and confused about my life ! When does this all stop ? and will it ever end ????

  • Trisha

    My name is Trisha I am an alcoholic,as well bulimic. Bulimic has taken the best of me for 22 yrs. Alcoholic for the past 3 yrs. Ive seeked treatment but never got a good result!!!

  • Dee Dee

    Hello my name is Dee Dee and I need help with my 2 sons. One is 29 and the other one is 27.
    My oldest one is hooked on Methadone and is currently enrolled in a clinical program and he is getting ready to have to stop going because he lost his job and cannot afford it any longer and I’m disabled and cannot afford it either.
    My youngest son is using what ever he can get high on. He smokes it and also is shooting stuff in his veins and when I saw him yesterday he looked like a walking skeleton and he was doing good to even walk.
    I’m so so worried about both of them and I have talked to both of them until I’m blue in the face but I cannot get through to them.
    Neither one of them has any Insurance so finding help is virtually impossible.
    I wish someone would just find it in their heart to please please help my sons before they die. Please contact me and let me know if there are any options.
    My phone number is 772-617-2607 and my email is randdorla@aol.com

  • Deborah

    My name is Deborah & I have been in recovery since 1977. After watching the show I realized that my daughter is in need of intervention. I tried to stop her usage when she was young, but between her father & boyfriend, I was defeated. Her siblings (From me) are tried of endless efforts of helping her since their is a child (4 years old) involved now. I just had surgery on my back & moved her in & the baby in with me to be my caretaker. But mostly my recovery has been what GOD & I have done along with helping raise my granddaughter. Now there is a CPS case on her & the baby’s father of a sexual nature. I’m not sure if the accusations are true, but my daughter is not telling me the whole truth about things that is happening such as; why she lost her job, the fact that she sneak the baby’s dad in my house, that the case was close when it is still open, & the fact that he is not to have any contact with the child. At this point I don’t know what to do because I don’t want my granddaughter to suffer anymore, I love my daughter but I have given up because she is going to do what she wants to do. I need help to help her. Can you guys help me?

  • cassidy

    i need to get my siser help asap before i get a phone call saying shes dead……..???????

  • tiana

    Hi my name is Tiana my grandmother is on cocaine very bad and she has been on it for more then 20 years . My family has done everything we can to get her to stop but she just won’t please help I don’t want to loose my grandmother to drugs . I love my grandmother and I would be lost without her please help you can email me tianareynolds@yahoo.com

  • Barbara Perkins


  • Barbara Perkins

    I need help for my niece she is out of control and I don’t know what to do. She is using drugs and I don’t know what kind but I do know she is using needles she was arrested tonight for a DUI and this is her second she was arrested in front of her 8 year old son. He is so panicked and I was called to go and be with him and his sister by their older sister who lives in another state and I have know that she was using before this but didn’t really want any part of what she was doing. Her mother was my sister and we lost her 3 years ago to cancer and it was at that time my niece stared using again she didn’t handle her mothers death very well. She went through all of the money that sister left in about 4 months with gambling and drugs. Please help because of the kids I really can’t do much as my husband wants no part of it and he doesn’t like her at all. He is furious that I am telling him that I won’t abandon the kids. PLEASE HELP US WE NEED TO INTERVENE SO THAT THE KIDS WILL HAVE THEIR MOTHER

  • Mary priest

    Please help me with my son Mary Priest how do I get in contact with someone

  • Mary priest

    My son Harold and his girlfriend is in need of help my son overdose on heroin last Thur they gave him something to bring him back twice he refuses treatment I don’t know what to do

  • Britney Carey

    Hi. I have a brother who has been through a lot in his lifetime. He was kicked out at an early age and became homeless and is a convicted felon. These hardships made him turn to a very bad drug. Methamphetamine. The meth has caused him to become skitsofrenic. I told him how I felt about it, he got sober and moved In with my mom. He started getting a lot of sleep and ate the whole kitchen up and put on some weight. He has been struggling with his addiction for almost a year now. I miss the real him so much it hurts. He just recently relapsed the day before Easter and was up 2 nights and days straight and didn’t eat anything. He also smokes a lot of spice which is new.

  • George bacchus

    Hi my brother is a alcoholic. I need help with him. He is out of control with his drinking

  • Debra

    Hi my son needs help I myself was a user and I am on probation father z n prison and his girlfriend / wife they have 2 kids she z on probation 20 yrs n all of us done meth and got cleaned up he z on probation because of it in they have 2 kds I want to save him as a mom protecting her son his is 26

  • Tesha Schauls

    What if you don’t have family who cares but you know you need treatment??

  • verta

    I need help with my ex. He is such a good soul. He came to new orleans after Katrina to help others. He got lost and in return Los his self. He has no family here and I’m afraid he is bout to die. He wake up drinkn gin and drink until he is blacked out. Please somebody tell me how to help him

  • ray

    My sister’s husband needs an intervention. She caught him using crack and they have a baby. He drinks alcoholicly as well. He doesn’t see a need to stop because he has a trust fund allocated for him for the rest of his life and can buy anything he wants. Unfortunately all he wants are drugs and alcohol. Help our family.

  • Angelica Hernandez

    My sister needs help her kids need help we need to help her we don’t know what to do she’s always drinking and we are afraid that now she’s doing some kind of drug

  • LaVina George

    Hi my name is LaVina and I need some help with my mo. She’s addicted to crystal method and a alcoholic and I don’t want to lose her she just lost her brother my uncle and I’m really worries about her how do I go abouts getting her help from a interventionist plz I’m scared that she don’t have much longer if she continues what she’s doing

  • Michelle Niebuhr

    My name is Michelle and I have been trying to help my son stop doing herion and its been a struggle I have tryed to get him to go to rehab and to meeting and I have called every where to get him in rehab and I can’t afford it so I’m losed for help I guess if you’re rich you get to keep you’re children safe if you’re poor you are plain screwed. My son is dying and I have seen him go threw Detox’s twice and ever time I see it I see my son dying and as a mother I don’t want to lose a child ever night I cry praying that he won’t come home in a boxs he is so bad and I thought when he’s girlfriend over dose and passed on he would have open his eye to stop and it didn’t work I’m bagging for help amd there is none here in Shasta county Redding California

  • faizah rahman

    My sister lives in Nebraska and we live in Ohio. Her husband has left with her two children to Ohio as well. She’s recently admitted to being on crack cocaine and c that she has struggled off and on with coke use. She’s in total denial. We’ve suspected drug use for years but just received confirmation. She also struggles with bipolar disorder as well as other mental health issues. We are terrified that she will not make it. My father is in his late 70’s and is a recovering heroine addict. Please help us intervene before she looses her children or worse. Her 9 month old child doesn’t even know who she is. How do we get assistance with helping my sister. She believes she can treat herself. She’s lost her job. Possibly her home. Please help.